"I recently read an article about Watson in the New Yorker and what struck me was the fact that the guy is a life-long loser. He was very late in finishing high-school; he never had a job as a teen but instead lived on a beach, effectively he was a teenage bum; when he did go to university he never finished his degree which interestingly enough was communications rather than anything to do with marine life; when he became interested in roaming the sea he could not apply himself to become a certified captain, the title he uses is basically a joke; finally his actions while trying to "save" different marine species have caused more harm than good to those species and over the span of his "career" he has never saved anything, a life-long loser."
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A Question Of Validity
One thing that has never ceased to amaze me in the sealing issue is how people will listen to those with no professional background over those who have backgrounds steeped in associated training and education. I know I have mentioned this before but I find it to be an incredible statement to the human condition when we replace intelligence with emotion. I find it incredulous when people pass off years of research by educated and experienced scientists because Paul Watson or Rebecca Aldworth say its wrong. In reality folks, these two have no background in seals or any other animal. They hang out with the herd for 2-3 weeks of the year. Watson barely drags his carcass off the boat and Aldworth is more concerned with dramatic video than studying seals. Don't get me wrong, they are experts. They are experts at playing to people's emotions and the media.
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