Grimsby, Ontario, Canada
I ran a facebook group pro-seal hunt I love this website how can I help, participate in this organization.

Your quote of your amazement that people allow emotion to supercede intelligence truly struck with me. Thank you.
Hi Clinton,

Pardon the delay. It is comments like this that make we want to keep working on the site but I think at this point most of what needs to be said has been said…repeatedly. :) It’s great to hear you found some worth from the information on the site.

Ultimately, this is a one man show and not an organization and there really isn't much anyone can do to help but I do appreciate the offer. At this point i have been thinking of stepping away from the site as I feel everything I wanted to accomplish has been done. Over the five years of running the site I have, in my mind, successfully countered hundreds of anti comments from around the world. I also feel that there hasn't been one point made by the anti side which was not easily countered by pro information and plain old logic. At this point I'm not sure what else can be achieved. That being said, I'm going to keep the site up and will try my best to keep the information current but will cease to answer site comments.

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