Port Rexton, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada
Great information site, Mike. In your information you mention 6 million seals where-as the latest count has identified 9 million officially and close to 12 million unofficial.

The latest count was completed using thermal image sensing as opposed to photographs that were used in prior years.


Hi Rick,

Pardon the delay. It’s good to hear when someone finds the information….well..informative. :) Unfortunately I have had very little time for the site lately but have been meaning to update the information on quotas , populations, etc

In regards to thermal imaging, results from that method can be lower than reality because in many cases young harps will be huddled under ice overhangs which mask them…So I have been told by the guys doing the surveys. Considering this I would err on the higher side of predicted populations. I’ll try to make the information updates as soon as I can.

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