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Ever watch the American TV show Swamp People? I think its on the Discovery channel. It chronicles the activity of southerners who hunt gators. Imagine if it was a show about those who hunt harp seals!Think there would be a reaction?

I also saw a show on the same channel called Sons of Guns. It's about gun makers...obviously. I saw an episode where the "Sons" where making a new kill device for the gator hunters from Swamp People. It was nothing more than a steel tube with a simple trigger . The velocity of the ball shot was thus that it will not completely go through the gator so as not to damage the pelt.

Anyway, the Sons and the People go to the swamp to test it on a gator. Ever see the regulations for gator hunting? The equipment legislated by law includes hooks , wire or chains....nice. So, we find the show's characters in the swamp, we see a gator hooked through the mouth and tethered to a wire while still in the water....sound humane to anyone? The People haul the gator to them, the " Son" uses the new bang stick. The Swamp Folk are amazed at how quickly the gator is killed, for in all their years it was the FIRST time they saw a gator killed thrashing etc.

The Swamp People do sometimes kill up to 500 gators in 2 days, think they were all killed humanely and efficiently, I don't.Where are PETA ,HSUS? Why aren't they using their media empire to protest this activity on their home field?

Just my 2 cents worth.
Hi Tom,

Pardon the delay. Yeah, I have made mention to this a few times lately as I had to check out a couple of episodes to see what it was all about. All I could think about the whole time I was watching was, ďand people are screaming about the seal hunt?Ē Obviously we just need to make a television show focused around the hunt and everything will be fine. Donít get me wrong here, I have no problem with controlling alligator populations or the right of those that live in the area to hunt them for a living as long as it is regulated, monitored and organized by the state conservation department which performs studies on killing methods and populations. That all being said, what I saw did not seem to be the most humane form of killing but I will be the first to admit that I donít know anything about alligator physiology; maybe what they are doing is fine. Itís not for me to say because I donít have the knowledge to make decision either way. In comparison to the seal hunt, what they do in the show looks brutal as is any animal killing but it is amusing to see what one can do to an ugly predator in comparison to the uproar money grubbing organizations can cause regarding the killing of a cute predator.

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