The most disconcerting facet of these bans is the precedent they set. The more countries that ban seal products in Europe due to propaganda perpetrated by animal rights groups the more that will follow. The precedent set by banning countries will be taken to the next country and they will be told that seeing these other countries banned the hunt it must be wrong and on to the next country and the next and the next.

The validity of the information the initial countries used to make their decision to ban will be irrelevant at this point because by this time the facts would be secondary to the amount of ban supporting countries. They will have gained validity through numbers rather than scientific data or facts. This is the agenda of the animal rights movement and this is the true reason we should not ignore bans from countries that initially seem to be insignificant.

As you visit the information pages for the individual countries you will notice the background image for each which consists of the countries flag and coat of arms and the phrase "Vegan Power" written across them. This was done to mimic the mark left by radical groups such as the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) after they firebomb or vandalize laboratories, meat producers, furriers, and a plethora of other targets which they happen to disagree with. Very similar to the white-supremasist movement who leave their mark of "White Power".
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