This is one of the most ridiculous and nefarious of the many outrageous statements made by the animal rights movement and, sadly, one that the media "buys into' without ever researching the myriad of reputable international and domestic studies that show that sealing is simply an outdoor abattoir. An abattoir like any licensed abattoirs throughout western society where the killing is conducted in a proper and humane fashion.

Animal rights fanatics recognize two important facts when propagating this slander. First: the majority of urban people have never seen their food or clothing killed and are repulsed by the optics of killing: all killing not just seals. Second: dead seals continue to wiggle and move in much the same way that a chicken with its head cut off continues to run about. Third: video/images can in and of itself portray things as they are NOT and when coupled with carefully chosen narration can reinforce any message the producer wishes to convey: moving or still pictures do not lie is one of the great fallacies and this has been known by propagandists since the 19th century.

The movements many animals make when dead are simply reflex actions and do not indicate that the animal is alive.

As any abattoir worker or hunter will explain to you, based upon experience, that skinning an animal is difficult enough when they are dead and near impossible to do when they are alive. Additionally, common sense tells you that when the value of the pelt depends on the quality (straight cuts improve the value) it makes no sense to ruin a pelt by trying to skin the animal alive. Unless, of course, you accept the animal rights fanatic's contention that sealers are some kind of barbarian sub-humans and not your neighbours who live in the villages and towns strung along shores of the North Atlantic Ocean, the Bearing and Arctic Seas. And the same condemnation applies to your neighbours who work in abattoirs, hunt or slaughter animals on farms throughout Canada, the USA and Europe. Not to mention those hired by the governments of the above-mentioned societies to kill animals determined to be pests by urban dwellers.

Study after study by reputable, international veterinarians have shown time after time that skinning alive is a lie perpetrated by so called independent studies conducted, paid for and written by the staff members of animal rights groups and never peer group reviewed for methodology or accuracy.

What looks ugly is not wrong. If ugly is portrayed as wrong and pretty is portrayed as right there is a large segment of the world's human population which needs to seek cover. Ugly and pretty have no moral value, they are simply in the eye of the beholder.
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