"I recently read an article about Watson in the New Yorker and what struck me was the fact that the guy is a life-long loser. He was very late in finishing high-school; he never had a job as a teen but instead lived on a beach, effectively he was a teenage bum; when he did go to university he never finished his degree which interestingly enough was communications rather than anything to do with marine life; when he became interested in roaming the sea he could not apply himself to become a certified captain, the title he uses is basically a joke; finally his actions while trying to "save" different marine species have caused more harm than good to those species and over the span of his "career" he has never saved anything, a life-long loser."
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Welfare vs. Rights - Know the Difference?
So what is the difference between animal welfare and animal rights? For those of you who think there isn't much difference, you will be shocked. A difference which anyone who contributes money to helping animals should definitely understand. Animal welfare is an ideal that has been around for over one hundred years. An ideal that decrees it is our responsibility as human beings to provide animals with the proper housing, nutrition, treatment, protection and humane euthanasia when necessary. For hunting and harvesting this would include responsible management to ensure conservation and humane harvesting techniques. Animal rights sprouted in the 1960's and believes that human beings are equal to all other animals. Basically, when you catch a mouse in a trap it's the same as crushing your child's skull.
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